Tal designed and managed an extension project for us that included moving the kitchen from the back of the house to the front and a 2.5 meter extension to the back of the house, while we were travelling abroad.  The project was made complicated by a very aggressive contractor, asbestos, and a complicated relationship with some of the neighbours. Tal started out the design process by interviewing us and learning what we need and like. She then went on suggest some architectural and design features that we would have never thought about but we cannot live without.  She made several iterations for every time we learned something new or needed an update, and was very detail-oriented. While we were abroad, Tal handled all the communications with the contractors, neighbours, and authorities taking care of everything from disagreements with the contractor to hiring someone to clean the gutters that were flooded.  She Skyped with us and sent us photos and updates throughout our leave. We learned that we could count on her with our eyes closed and that her number one concern was customer satisfaction.  She continuously monitored the situation and gave us advice throughout the project and went beyond the call of duty to ensure we were happy with the work being done. We would recommend Tal for her skills as an architect, but also for her integrity, attention to details, and relentless focus on the customer.

Sincerely, Omri, Fûgel, and Natalie Fine

“We wanted to renovate our house and asked Tal to design it. We had a lot of wishes, a bedroom, an office and a bathroom in one space. Tal had many creative ideas. She is a master in finding practical and stylish solutions for every inch. During the execution she came by many times to check and to discuss the progress. She was cooperative and flexible to us. She stands by your side to the end.We enjoy our new house, bedroom, office and bathroom every day.

– D.Kremer

“Tal designed the renovation of our home. When we bought it, we knew the living-room was too small so we hired Tal to design the extension and complete renovation of the ground-floor. During the building process she was checking the work of the builder and this was a very valuable part of her work for us. Further in the building process she also helped us with redesigning both bathrooms. Tal is very trustworthy and punctual.”

– Sandra van Rhijn

“We, Fam. Berlinski, had the great privilege of working with Tal on renovating our new home in Amsterdam. Tal did a wonderful and remarkable job at designing the house while keeping us, her clients, in mind. When we bought the house it was not in living conditions, yet Tal did everything possible to create a home that was ideal for our family and we never wished for anything as amazing.Tal is a great architect to work with. She is open minded, patient, and listening. She is precise, dedicated, and innovative. Tal knew how to incorporate our personal style and our wishes with her professional opinion in order to create the best possible living space for our family.In addition, since we do not speak the local language, Tal helped us a lot with facing the bureaucracy that comes along with such a project. Her patience as well as determination allowed us to receive the necessary council authorization that was needed in order to proceed with the renovation in the way that we desired. Her dedication and determination were also seen through her countless visits to the renovation site as well as one on one meetings with us.As an overall experience, it was great working with Tal. We love her designs and ideas, and we would strongly recommend her as the architect of your new home.”

– Fam. Berlinski

“Tal heeft voor ons een mooi ontwerp voor de verbouwing van de bovenste etage van onze woning gemaakt. Het is een goede combinatie van praktisch en mooi. Het heeft ons veel woon- en opbergruimte opgeleverd. Ze heeft gezorgd voor een aannemer die goede kwaliteit levert en heeft de voortgang van het project op detailniveau begeleid. Wij zijn zeer tevreden over het resultaat en haar werk.”

– T. Lemstra

“Dear Tal, thanks for giving us the honour to work with you. Your knowledge , attention for details , kindness, professional approach , understanding of our different family members needs made the project successful . I would recommend to everyone that needs to deal with building their dream house and invest money and time in the project to make sure that the architectural planning and management of the project is being wise managed by Tal in order to achieve perfectionism.”

– G. Pollack

“Voor ons huis aan de rand van Amstelveen, hebben we Tal gevraagd om mee te denken hoe we optimaal van het uitzicht zouden kunnen genieten en de ruimte optimaal zouden kunnen gebruiken. Tal heeft ons geadviseerd de achtergevel geheel door glas te vervangen (2 schuifpuien). De draagmuur heeft zij prachtig en onopvallend weggewerkt in een openhaard, waardoor de woonkamer een prachtig geheel is geworden. Door de muur vanuit de gang naar de woonkamer door een glaswand te vervangen, kregen we een prachtige doorkijk naar het uitzicht, zodra je ons huis binnenstapt.Tal is heel goed en creatief in het zo indelen van ook kleine ruimtes, dat je er alles en meer op een harmonieuze wijze kwijt kunt, waardoor de ruimte niet meer klein, maar juist ruim lijkt.We hebben heel prettig met Tal gewerkt: ze luisterde eerst goed naar onze wensen, kwam daarna met haar eigen ideeën en combineerde dit tot een fraai resultaat waar we dagelijks van genieten.”

-S. Shachar

“Voor ons Medisch Centrum aan de Molenweg hebben we Tal gevraagd om zoveel mogelijk kamers te creëren voor de vier praktijken op de eerste verdieping. Zij heeft de praktijk een mooie, moderne uitstraling gegeven. De verschillende artsen hebben hun eigen wensen kenbaar gemaakt en zo is elke praktijk net een klein beetje anders geworden dan de andere praktijken en kunnen de artsen ieder op hun manier in hun praktijk werken. Er zijn inderdaad veel kamers gevormd, zonder dat er een hokkerig gevoel is, maar juist een gevoel van eenheid en ruimte. Voor ons medisch centrum aan de Molenweg op de begane grond, hebben de huisartsen gevraagd of Tal een ontwerp kon maken dat voldeed aan de eisen van het Huisartsengenootschap. De fysiotherapeut heeft om een flexibele ruimte gevraagd, waarin het mogelijk zou zijn om in 3 kleine of 2 wat grotere ruimtes te kunnen werken. Ondanks alle te volgen regels is er een mooie praktijk gekomen, waar alle functies hun plek hebben gekregen.”

-Medisch centrum Molenweg

“It was our pleasure to work with Tal. She is amazing architect who is very attentive for the details, ready to help not only in architectural matters but also in communication with the contractors. Tal is very open, motivated and has a very positive and constructive attitude to sometimes sensitive matters. We can highly recommend Tal for any future projects. “

-Fam. Pismenova-Ivanov